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Ugly Cry is a podcast answering the questions we are often afraid to ask about grief, loss, and death. We bring these topics out of the shadows, and take a heart-centered approach to open up these conversations and build connection.

How to Write a Meaningful Condolences Card

It can be hard to know where to start, and how to find the right words in those difficult moments. Here is a simple guide to help you speak from the heart, and offer some kindness to your loved one after loss.

So much of grief is wondering if we are doing it right. I want to tell you here and now - yes.
You are doing great.

- Tess Kursel, Upsprout's Founder

Three Ways to Commemorate a One-Year Anniversary of Passing

Sometimes we get caught up in the idea of a grand gesture. Let's get back into our heart space and talk about a few simple yet powerful ways that you can show up for a grieving loved one on a deathaversary.

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