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Answering the questions you are afraid to ask about grief, loss, and death

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Episode 5: Dr. Mekel

How does grief live in the body?

How can we release grief from the body?

How can we help our healthcare providers help us?


Dr. Mekel shares about her own experience with the physical effects of grief and offers specific tools that we can use to release grief from the body. Dr. Mekel then explores how we can communicate our grief with healthcare providers to ensure that we have the support that we need, and offers us some green flags to ensure our providers are a good fit.



Episode 4: Sydney

What does it feel like to lose a parent at a young age?

How can we talk about death and loss with children?

Why are adults so afraid to talk about grief with children?

How do we pass on intergenerational trauma through how we discuss death, grief, and loss?


This week I talk with Sydney Ford about discussing grief, loss, and death with children. We get into the details about where we so often go wrong about how we approach these conversations, and Sydney offers concrete ways we can do better by our young ones.


Episode 3: Michelle

What is it like to love two people at the same time?

How did you know you were ready to date again?

Are you afraid your new partner will pass away also?


In this episode, I sit down with Michelle Bader, a widow who has found love again after losing her husband. We start with Michelle's two love stories, explore her renewed joy, and I ask a question (that makes me very nervous) about how she envisions the afterlife if she were to marry again.


Episode 2: Eileen

What is it like to embalm people you know?

How do you cope with anticipatory loss?

What are the pressures of inheriting a family business?


Eileen Hollis of Hollis Funeral Home sits down with me to show us the human side of being a funeral director alongside her dad, Charles.


Episode 1: Natalie

How do we stay connected to those we have lost?

How do we interpret signs after loss?

How does self doubt keep us from witnessing signs?


In our first episode, I talk with my long time friend Natalie about how we can stay connected and build a relationship with those we have loved and lost. We disuss skepticism and the self-doubt that sometimes comes as we witness and interpret signs from our loved ones.


Episode 6: Roxana

What is the connection between grief and immigration?

What are the unique forms of grief that come with facing separation by borders, incarceration, and kidnapping?
How does community change and support our experience of grief?


This week, I talk to Roxana about the intersection of grief and immigration. We discuss the themes in grief that are universal, and those that are specific to people experiencing unique forms of loss, suh as culture loss or separation by borders. We also get personal, and investigate the experience of coming to a new place in search of safety without the kind of community support that we need as we navigate loss.


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