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3 Ways to Commemorate a One-Year Anniversary of Passing

Maybe you call it a death-aversary, or an anniversary, but no matter what you call it, the date that our loved one passed away can be an incredibly difficult and emotional milestone to reach. On these big milestone days, it is so important to reach out to your loved one and show your support and care. It can mean so much, and we often need this support as we grieve but aren't sure how to ask for help. Here are a few ways you can show up on a death-aversary



Make a Meal Together

Ask your grieving loved one for some of their person's favorite foods, and cook a meal of favorites together. If your loved one is feeling really groggy and low energy, cook the meal for them and either drop off the food or share the meal together.

Movie Night

Bring a big bowl of popcorn and movie snacks over to your grieving loved one's house, and have a movie night featuring their person's favorite films.

Simply Acknowledge, Listen, and Remember Their Loved One

Sometimes we get caught up in wanting to make a grand gesture, when the things that matter most are usually the simplest. Call your loved on the anniversary day and check in. Offer a listening ear, acknowledgment of their feelings, and make space for stories they might want to share.



*Bonus* Send Them a Care Package

Upsprout was designed for these difficult moments. An Upsprout care package is carefully designed to offer holistic support on hard days. A care package is a great way to show your loved one that you see them and understand that their grief is still heavy even after a year. Send your loved one a care package by pressing "subscribe" in the navigation bar above.

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