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High Quality, Artisan Products

We carefully curate small-batch, unique luxury items in every single box

Sourced from Small Businesses

We prioritize working with small businesses because we believe in supporting and uplifting community

Women Owned and Operated

We are a small business owned and operated by women.

Risk Free Guarantee

If for some reason you don't enjoy your first box from us, we will refund your money

Designed to affirm and gently guide

We carefully curate tools to create a deeply affirming and nurturing experience. Our monthly service provides space for a self-care practice, opportunities to improve daily life, and offers a greater feeling of peace and connection.

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Intentional, Holistic Care After Loss

Unique, Artisan Products

We work with over 50 small business to bring you the highest quality products. Most of our products are handcrafted in small batches, ensuring a deeply nourishing experience.

Support for the Mind, Body, and Spirit

We take a holisitic approach to provide support for the whole self after loss. We offer remedies to soothe the body, products that support the mind, offerings for the spirit, and items that create a nurturing and soothing environment

"The contents of the box were amazing. Natural skin care, inspirational reading, and more! Things that made me feel taken care off during one of the worst times in my life. It truly made a difference to receive this helping hand."

— Joye W.

"I would have never thought to give someone a subscription box. I decided to try and it and its actually an amazing idea! I feel at ease knowing that am able to be consistent in showing up for my sister, while giving her space as she needs it."

— Dena Romain

"My friend loves it and I feel at peace knowing that I am sending something that makes my loved ones feel taken care of, and supported."

— Jessica

"The last year and a half has been incredibly hectic. If you or someone you know is going through a loss, you are not alone. Upsprout is amazing."

— Brianna

Our mission is personal

Upsprout's founder created this service ater her own traumatic loss to offer long-term support and gentle care to grieving hearts

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The Joy of Unboxing

A closer look inside some of our boxes

What Our Customers Think

So Helpful

"Tess was so helpful and supportive in guiding me to creating the right box for my friend. My friend received the box and loved it!."

— Lena

Grateful for this Service

"Upsprout opened up a beautiful opportunity to send a kind reminder of self-care to my dad with some of his favorite things and introduced him to some new items that he has never seen or used before."

— Lauren


"I love the handcrafted feel of all of the products."

— Theresa

Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting

We handcraft every box to bring you peace of mind - as long as it takes.

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